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Insect X Pest Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review

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Pest Identification: Moles Continued: (Wildlife)

Mole Tunnels


2 Types of runways (tunnels)

  • Subsurface

subsurface runways are feeding tunnels just below surface

  • can be developed at a rate of 100 feet a day

  • Deep
    • deep runways are 3 - 12 inches below surface
    • these are main runways
    • During frozen or dry periods these are the only runways used
  • Characteristics:

    Moles travel 18 ' an hour

    Litter size is (2 - 8) 3 times per year

    In June 3rd week, young are out on their own.

    Moles live up to 7 years, 85% though die in the first 3 years.

    Moles eat as many earthworms as they do grubs which means getting rid of them with chemical means (Grub Killer) doesn't work.

    Differences between other burrowing animals:

    Star nose : Semi Aquatic, open tunnel with water inside

    Voles: Herbivores, 1/4 inch holes, Damage looks like a spider web outline in the grass.